Thursday, November 1, 2012

Redemption on the River - Three Reviews

I've been submitting Redemption on the River to book review sites.  It's a rather painful process and the lead times are long, but the results are starting to come in.  Here are the three latest:

Review at Literary R&R

Review at A Bookish Affair

Review at Book Him Danno

I particularly like the review at A Bookish Affair.  The reviewer stated that she didn't like Silas (the protagonist) at times, and at certain points she cried "Nooooooo" and thrust her fist in the air, causing her cat and husband to look at her askance.

First, I figure it's a good thing if a reader is moved to shout "No!" out loud at the book she is reading, even if is "No" rather than  "Yes!".  The reader must really be engaged with the characters to burst out like that.

Second, I have to admit that, at times, Silas isn't very likable.  To put it in modern parlance, he can be a butthead.  He isn't perfect (who wants a perfect hero?) and he is very much his own character.  Some, actually many, of the things he does I hadn't planned for him.

He developed a mind of his own, did what he wanted to do rather than what I wanted him to, and I like to think that the book is better for it.