Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Silas at Sea

I've finally buckled down, cleared the decks and gotten my protagonist Silas to sea.

After SFF's critique of the 3rd Chunk I placed her comments/suggestions into my list of reminders and to-do's for the Great Re-Write, then I glanced through my approximately 4 page list of "Writing Reminders" that I culled from writing books such as Stephen King's "On Writing", then I thought about my motivations for tackling the project, then thought about how much fun it will be to ship off a copy of the 2nd draft to family and friends, and finally I put fingers to the keyboard.

I had a good idea, perhaps unique perhaps not, for a task that Silas must perform as a landlubber who is on the First Mate's shit list, and it helped to get me going.

There. Is. So. Much. Left. To. Do for this project that its extremely daunting to think about, however, so I'm doing my best to use the mountain climber's technique of not looking all the way up at the peak towering in the distance, but instead to concentrate on getting to the next switchback in the trail, the next stop for water, etc, in other words, to concentrate on the next intermediate goal.

The next intermediate goal is Silas to Panama which, according to my schedule, I should have accomplished by 3 days ago. Sigh.

Another thing I have to concentrate on in this section of the book is that there are only three important components of it: 1. Physically getting Silas to California 2. Developing a new friendship 3. Further developing an old enemy. While being entertaining, of course.

The Great Re-Write: Another subject for another time, but its looming over me.

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