Friday, March 7, 2008

More Mixed Reviews

My mom, dad and wife have finished reading the 2nd draft.  Reviews are mixed.

On the one hand they regard it as entertaining, reasonably well written (allowing for draft status) and evocative of the historical period.  On the other they tend to regard Silas, the protagonist, as hard to like, some of the plot turns near the end as relatively implausible, and some of the ending action confusing.


Some of their constructive criticism has coincided with nagging worries I've had that therefore have turned out to be well founded.  Some of their criticism has been a surprise.  Often I can explain what I meant and they say, 'Oh, I see that now', but the very act of needing to explain means I've failed as a story-teller. 

What I have thanked them for and thank them for here again is for their direct, non-sugarcoated comments.  Some might say that if your mom doesn't like it then it must really suck, but my mom has done exactly what I asked in voicing her criticism and the book will be much better for it.  Thanks mom - and dad, and SFF.

Back to the rewrites.

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