Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Back

Holy smokes I had no idea that it had been this long since I'd paid attention to this blog. Several things led me to ignore it.

First, I realized that, based on feedback from beta readers, I realized that I had to do a MAJOR rewrite of the Overboard, including a 100% rewrite of the entire second half of the book. As my last post says, I couldn't decide what to do, and that led to my motivation deserting me for well over a year.

Second, last summer (2010) my motivation mysteriously reappeared stronger than ever. I realized that I needed to follow the story where it led rather than where I had planned it to go, and I sat down to write. I set a goal of completing the major rewrite in six months and I made it happen. Then the follow on rewrites started.

Third, I realized that I was spending far too much time reading blogs and websites rather than working on the novel, and this blog was part of the distraction. I made the decision to ignore the blog until I felt that the novel was finished or nearly so.

That time has come, the book is ever-so-nearly-done, and I need to start thinking about how to seek publication, should I decide that it's worthy to do so.

More on that and a lot more later.

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