Monday, June 18, 2012

Redemption on the River - Very, Very Close

The manuscript of Redemption on the River now stands at version 12.5.  It has now been through two complete proof readings (by Red Adept Publishing) and I've been through it myself twice more since 12.0 was printed.  The current hard copy in my hands is 12.4.

The book's cover artist (Scarlet Rugers) just submitted a concept that I really like, and so the cover might be ready to go before too much longer.

I'm not going to make the date scheduled by the book's formatter (52 Novels), but I warned them that I was somewhat at the mercy of proofers and cover designers, and I believe they'll understand.

Right now, looking at my schedule, I really, truly believe that I'll return from my four day trip on the 30th with the book done-done-done.  What I mean by that is that the manuscript will be frozen, finished, as well as the book cover, and I'll forward the files to 52 Novels.  Then, depending on their turnaround time, it should be uploaded to Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc, and released to sink or swim on its own merits.


Todd Miller said...

Can't wait to read it!

Loren DeShon said...

It's published! See following blog post!