Thursday, October 18, 2007

Writing While Hunting

I'm back from a five day deer hunting trip in Eastern Washington. I threw my laptop in the camper because I figured there might be slow times in camp around mid-day.

One day another hunter suggested going to a hillside to watch the river bottom, later in the afternoon another hunter in our group would be pushing the river bottom cover and we on the hillside would be in position.

We got there pretty early, so I set up a camp chair I had brought, an Alaskan Amber, the laptop and my rifle. I then opened up the Secret Project and got in a pretty good two hour writing session while occasionally having a good look around. As it was getting close to the push time I then closed everything up, including the chair, and hunkered down to put all my attention on the deer hunting.

No deer that evening, but I got Silas to Panama City.

If I ever classify these posts this one will be under "multitasking".

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