Friday, November 30, 2007

DeMotivating Link

I've added another link to the blog, 101 Reasons to Stop Writing, a site that started out as a blog dedicated to encouraging people to stop writing so that less crap gets published. The site explains itself thusly:

"This blog is dedicated to the thousands of writers out there, labouring in deserved obscurity, murdering forests and supporting the postal system, wondering what the hell they’re doing wrong. I’ll tell you. And God help me, I’ll make you stop."

Is the site aimed at me? Not specifically of course, but I can only conclude that I am a prime example of the target audience - an amateur writer with little or no literary credentials attempting to write a good book.

Check out the "DeMotivator" tab for posters to inspire aspiring writers to give it up as a bad job. My favorite is a portrait of Shakespeare captioned "Aspiration - You Will Never Be This Good. You're Not Even Titus Andronicus Good, Much Less Hamlet Good".

Is "101 Reasons to Stop Writing" going to stop me from writing? No. Do I suspect that maybe I should? Yes. But I'm going to give it my best shot.

Now I need to find a Motivating blog or site out there somewhere in cyberland.

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