Tuesday, September 20, 2011

eBook Review - THE JACKPOT

I've recently been exploring the world of inexpensive, self-published eBooks, and while for the most part they have been better than expected, none have measured up to what one expects from a traditionally published novel that has made it through the filtering process of agents, publishers, editors, etc.  Happily, I just read one that does measure up.

THE JACKPOT by David Kazzie  is a first-rate contemporary thriller.  A janitor wins a $450 million dollar lottery, goes to a prestigious law firm for legal advice, and everyone from his 'friends' to his enemies to his lawyers begin to realize just how much money that is and what they could do with it.  Plot twists keep coming and I never was able to predict the ending.

I couldn't find a single flaw so endemic of self-pubbed ebooks—no typos, formatting errors, misspellings, etc.  The author has written an excellent novel and presented it in a thoroughly professional manner.  

I gave THE JACKPOT five stars at Apple's iBook Store; my first five star eBook review.


Michelle said...


David Kazzie said...

Hi Loren,

I just wanted to thank you for posting my video, and of course, for reviewing The Jackpot. (I just discovered your review on the iBookstore and found my way to your blog)

Really glad that you liked the book. You made an excellent point in your post about the video that less than a year after writing the video (six months barely), I e-pubbed the book.

Even nuttier is that I self-pubbed the book AFTER I signed with a literary agent (after consulting with her). If you had told me a year ago I would do such a thing, I'd have thought you were insane.

Pleased to make your acquaintance!

David Kazzie

Loren DeShon said...


Sounds like you have a very modern agent.

I imagine that your video is doing great things for your books. As an aspiring writer I've watched the darn thing* many times for a strange kind of anti-motivation, but when I saw the link to your book I had to download it because I figured anyone who could write dialog that good could likely write a good book, too.

My wife wanted to try an ebook on her iPad and I recommended The Jackpot, so you got two sales out of us.

Pleased in turn to make your acquaintance.


* (Can't figure out how to link, but anyone looking for David's video So You Want to Be a Writer can look for it on YouTube, or at my blog post of Sept 16, 2011)