Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flash Fiction Contest

I came across a Flash Fiction Writing contest the other day, which is something I'd not heard about before.  (There are many things I've not heard about.)  Austin Briggs offers a monthly contest where entrants respond to a prompt with a 55-word-maximum story.  Yes, 55 words max.  It intrigued me, and on a deadhead leg from Las Vegas home to Seattle I wrote two.

Mr. Briggs further requires a setting,  one or more characters, some conflict, and a resolution.  Oh yes, the title can be no more than seven words, and it does not count toward the 55 word maximum.

It certainly causes one to focus on what's important and agonize over each word chosen or struck out.  In that way it reminds me of my 10+ drafts of Redemption on the River, and the word count reduction from 220,000+ to the current 155,000.  Yes, I've agonized over each and every word of the whole manuscript over and over again.

My entries are The Red Balloon and Kick Me, but rather than show them here I'll link to the Mr. Briggs' September Flash Fiction Contest.  Oh, yes, he also offers a cash prize to the winner.

P.S.  One more thing:  I like the looks of his book Five Dances With Death, and have added it to my eBook List.

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