Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book Review: The GunDigest Book of the Revolver

The GunDigest Book of the Revolver is a fine book and should be a valuable resource to anyone interested researching, shooting, and carrying a modern double action revolver.  That said, I will list my quibbles, which almost all have to do with what strikes me as a somewhat misleading title.
With a title like ‘Book of the Revolver’, I was expecting a thorough treatise on the revolver, including its history from the very earliest models through current iterations.  I looked forward to a learned exposition on, for example, such things as the Colt Paterson, cap & ball conversions, the Smith & Wesson Schofield, 20th Century refinements and improvements, and such oddities as the Webley-Fosbury semi-automatic revolver.  Nope.  The book ignores all that and instead concentrates on modern, currently produced double action revolvers, and virtually ignores the single actions.
Setting aside my mistaken expectations, the book is an excellent resource for anyone deciding between a revolver and semi-automatic handgun.  Once the decision to go with a revolver is made, the author very clearly and intelligently discusses many aspects of shooting, carrying, maintaining, and customizing the weapon.  Mr. Cunningham clearly states his own personal preferences and why, but also presents alternative views on such things as sight picture, types of grips, etc.  Also, the book has many black and white photos that clearly illustrate the points made.
All in all, once the book’s focus is understood, the GunDigest Book of the [Modern Double Action] Revolver is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to thoroughly understand the weapon.

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