Monday, January 21, 2008

Progress Report

Okay, so I blocked out a day-to-day, 1st edit goal schedule in order to complete the rewrite by 15 Feb.

Accordingly, I should be 22.1% through the edit as of today and I am instead 19.1% complete. I'm behind.

The word count has dropped from 205,900 at the start of the edit to 197,500 as of right now.

Its getting better.

On a different note, I came across the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association, a writers group that has been around for a few decades. Their annual writing contest closes for entries next month and I'm considering submitting Overboard - they promise two critiques of each entry.



Paul Lamb said...

Are you only going to post on Mondays?

Allen B. Ogey said...

I hadn't planned on a post-on-Monday-schedule, so far its just been when the mood strikes, but that's not a bad idea.'s a commitment to post no less than every Monday.

I clicked on your blog - interesting. From your stats it appears that you have a good query going.