Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night - And the Blog Began

I'm writing a novel. That's hardly something to crow about. Finishing a novel - now that's something to cluck about, anyway, rather like laying an egg, perhaps. Getting one's novel published - there's something worth leaping up to the top of the chickenhouse and crowing over. We'll see if I end up clucking, crowing, or quietly wandering off.

Its a project I've toyed with for years, which is certainly not something that sets one apart from the crowd. Lot's of people think about climbing Everest - but how many accomplish it or even give it a good try? Its time to fish or cut bait, though, I'm middle aged and I'd best let loose what creativity I have left before too many more brain cells fade away.

What are my qualifications? They're not overwhelming. I write well, most everyone agrees on that, yes, especially my Mom. My Christmas letters are well received. I've had a few magazine articles published. Not the New Yorker, but nonetheless they paid me and you've probably heard of the periodicals. I've written a few short stories that my wife liked. That's it.

Motivation? That's been hard to come by. A very good friend of mine has written two, both are as of yet unpublished. I've assisted with some editing, he's assisted me by reading my short stories and telling me to get off my ass and write a book. I started a serial killer crime drama a few years ago, got to about 25,000 words, showed it to my wife and she hated it. That aborted Sercet Project One (SPI).

I learned lessons from SPI: don't just aim for a commercial market, write a story that you want to read yourself, write something your wife can support.

I started Secret Project 2 (SP2) a few months ago, the novel that is the subject of this blog. I have a story I like, one that I'm interested in, and some characters that are opening their eyes and moving around on their own. 30,000 words and my wife likes it so far.

Why the blog? Partly its to make a public statement in front of the world (" I'm going to write a novel "), to apply pressure to myself, partly to discuss novel writing/querying/agents/publishing as each of those become factors, and partly to function as a journal of the process.

Well see how it goes and whether I stick with the project, the blog, both or neither.


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