Thursday, June 14, 2007

When It Started

I just went back and looked at the creation dates of my first files for the novel. The outline was created July 3, 2006. Immediately leaping into full press mode, the actual first words of the book itself were committed to 1's and 0's on February 27, 2007. I wouldn't want to rush into anythng.

The problem was commitment: I just couldn't bring myself to declare to myself and the world that I was going to write a book. I hate leaving tasks unfinished and this would be a big unfinished task if I quit before completion.

Another problem was/is the time it's going to take. I couldn't commit the hours without giving something else up; it's not like I had hours every day where I was staring at walls - or staring at TV or other time wasters either. The biggest optional time usage before the book was playing online poker. I was doing very well, and giving up the money would be a drag, but it was the only way to free up enough time on an ongoing basis. online poker until the book is done, that's the vow.

Intermediate goal? First draft done by Christmas. Which Christmas remains to be seen.

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Kendall Geneser said...

Wow. I'm checking out your blog to test it, though I now think that was simply a ploy and, wow. Thanks. As usual, thanks.

Note: you list three gotta reads for would-be writers. I'm now the proud owner of all of them and will read the last (which you recommended) this weekend. Later and before I sign off let me just say again, wow. OBTW this is turning into a great sight for all us chuckleheads that need to write; keep up the good work.