Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Plug for My Friend's Book

I've cut and pasted my review of my friend's book at Amazon:

In the mid 90's my buddy, a Navy fighter pilot, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. While the rest of us continued with our flying careers whether military or airline, my friend faced the bitter reality of a long downhill fight against in incurable debilitating disease. He was medically retired from the Navy, moved back home to Iowa, got a job as a financial analyst and built a wheelchair-friendly house. He has been "lucky" in the course of his MS in that his has been a slower than average progression of the disease - he can still walk, for example, albeit with difficulty. Although MS is still incurable research continues and he recently went through an experimental high risk stem cell transplant procedure that, it is hoped, may halt further progression of the disease.

This book is about his experiences in learning the diagnosis, sharing it with his family, and dealing with a future that not only involves no more flying, but will likely include a complete loss of personal mobility and independence. It is written absolutely from the heart in the hope that other MS sufferers, and indeed those with similar afflictions, may learn some of the lessons that he has.

He sent me one of the first copies, I read it and immediately sent an email recommending it to virtually everyone on my email list. What came back was rather surprising - I submit that you would be astonished at the number of friends and family that you have who either have someone in their life with MS or know someone who does. Many of these people on my list have ordered the book and ALL of them have been very impressed by it.

I recommend this to anyone with MS or a similar debilitating disease, as well as to their family and friends. It comes from someone who has been there and is living that.

Further: My friend has pledged that all profits from the book will go towards Multiple Sclerosis research.

At Amazon: The Gift

I added this to the blog because we just got a phone call from a friend who has a friend with MS and had ordered the book on my recommendation. After the book had arrived but before they had even taken it out of the Amazon box a second friend of their's called to tell them she had just been diagnosed with MS. They sent her "The Gift" before they even had read it. This second friend, a cancer survivor, called after reading it to express her heartfelt thanks for the book and expressed the hope that she might get to meet my friend, the author, when he next visits us.

Have you, a family member or friend been touched my MS? "The Gift" may be a big help for all concerned. ALL profits will go to MS research.

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