Friday, December 7, 2007

Broke the Rule

The no-writing-at-home rule got broken today - with SFF's support. The kids went off to school, SFF had her own projects, and I was left in my office to scribe away. I got 4,000 words down despite distractions such as the phone, lunch, the dog bringing her toy in to play, and my own proclivity to waste time surfing web sites.

Speaking of surfing websites, I submitted a pitch for Overboard on a literary agent's blog, Bookends LLC . The agent has offered to review and comment on submitted book pitches. Her reviews look to me to be very helpful and informative. I'm at the end of a pretty long queue, however, so it will be some time before she gets to me.

To be clear, I didn't pitch the book to the agent, but submitted the pitch to be critiqued.

Upon further review, I'm going to add Bookends LLC to my links on the sidebar, because it appears to be an outstanding blog for helping prospective authors.

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