Saturday, December 1, 2007

In the Goldfields

My protagonist, Silas, is in the mountains of Gold Rush California and things are happening. The words are pouring out and into the laptop. I've looked forward to this, the final major section of the book, for some time, and its fun to write. After lunch today I found myself actually hurrying back to the hotel to get to writing.

The best part of it is that I can feel the various threads of the book all starting to come together. Where I am right now the (eventual) reader might not be feeling it but I certainly can. Everything is starting to coalesce into ever-narrower places and times until the final denouement which will provide, I like to think, a good ending.

As always, I'm wordy. It feels like I'm writing simply and directly, but scenes need to be set, events must occur, dialog needs to be spoken, and the next thing you know I've run the word count up. I was thinking that the first draft would finish at 200K, but I think I'm going to bust that.

180,400 as of right now.

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