Monday, December 10, 2007

Silas Arrives at Omega

^^^ There's a cryptic title for this blog entry.

I've been supplying my writer buddy with nearly daily updates of my progress on the Secret Project, most likely to his chagrin and boredom. After he humored me by saying that he didn't want those updates to give too much away when he finally gets to read the scintillating manuscript, I told him that Silas (the protagonist) needed to leave San Francisco, then travel to point A, B, then C, where the novel would end.

Silas arrived today at C, but I remarked to my wife, SFF, that I should have labeled it Omega.

So, Silas has arrived at Omega and I'm in the final stages. There is a lot that will happen at Omega, though, its not just a place to type "The End". To paraphrase and butcher Churchill's quote, its not the ending, or the ending of the beginning, but the beginning of what leads to the ending.

198,000 words as of this moment. Gulp.

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