Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another Critique Opportunity

Clicking around various writing links I came across another opportunity for critical feedback.

Flogging the Quill  is a site that is offering to critique the first page of a submitted first chapter.  It appears to me to be someone simply offering help to writers. The reviewer promptly emailed a response that it might be a while before he got to me as his queue of submissions is getting longer.  You must agree to have your submission publicly critiqued on his site.

Status Update:

On Friday, due to unavoidable circumstance I was unable to work on the rewrite for the first time in 15 days and as a result fell behind schedule.  I made it up this weekend and got back on track.

Goal for 03 Feb:  65% complete
Actual result:       65% complete

1st Draft Word Count:  205,900
Current Word Count:    193,100

My schedule calls for the 2nd draft to be done by 15 Feb.

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