Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Progress, Critiques

Here I am doing my best to stick with my I'll-always-post-on-Monday pledge.

After getting unexpected but appreciated brief critiques as a result of entering Nathan Bransford's contest I recently signed up for a free critique (see last post) and now I'm thinking of entering a literary contest.

The Pacific Northwest Writer's Association has an annual contest which closes for entries on February 22nd.  What intrigues me is not the chance of winning (slim at best), but the fact that they promise two critiques for each entry.  

Feedback is what I'm craving at this point.  I will be getting feedback soon from family and friends, but I'm concerned that they'll be too, um, nice about it if they think it sucks.  They may even  honestly think that its better than Lonesome Dove and say so, but who can trust a mother's judgement to be unbiased when reading her son's work?

OBTW, I've read all kinds of warnings about watching out for scam and bullshit writer's contests, but the PNWA appears to be legitimate - they've been around as a writer's group for decades.  The entry fee is $50 - are two semiprofessional critiques of the first chapter worth it?


Today's rewrite goal:  68.3% complete
Actually completed:    69.9%

Yes, once again ahead of schedule.  The problem with doing 3.3% each and every day is there is no room for unforeseen circumstances (last Friday) and no room for a fishing day (promised son) or ski day (promised daughter).  I need to get further ahead.

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