Monday, February 18, 2008


The Bug racing was a lot of fun, the paintball game was great and we had a nice boat ride down the river but caught no steelhead. Tomorrow is the ski day with my daughter. All of this is wonderful.

On the other hand, as I keep polishing the first chapter (actually the first part of the first chapter) I keep finding things. Heck, I found and killed three more passive voice passages (PVP's) that had somehow escaped detection up until now. Heck, its historical fiction (the setting is 1848-1849) so I can spend the rest of my life polishing it, right?

Writing the synopsis is harder than I expected. I wrote a first draft synopsis that I didn't think was TOO bad and the most encouraging thing my wife, SFF, could say about it was 'Well, I liked a few of the paragraphs."

I don't see how I can possibly have this thing ready to query by my original goal of 01 April. The pendulum is over on the pessimistic side.

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