Friday, February 15, 2008

Reviews Pouring In

     Okay, that's a huge exaggeration.

     Mom called yesterday all excited to receive the manuscript.  It was an especially good surprise as we forward mail to them all the time (they're full-time RVers) and receiving a taped up cardboard mailer from me is normal.  She opened it and at first couldn't figure out what I had sent.  She says she can't wait to read it and promises to be completely biased in her review.
     My sister has started it but is so freaking busy that it will likely be a few days before she gets past the first page.
     Realizing that it would take a while for her to finish and forward it I unclamped my wallet and printed another copy which went out in the mail to my brother today.  Mom and sister promise to keep silent until brother has the fun of being surprised by it.
     Sneezer is further than anyone and his comments and criticism (all welcome) have already started to come in.  The best news is that he says he likes it.
     What I would like to do most of all right now is work on it, but a break would be for the best and my work and social schedule demand a break right now.  I'm significantly behind on studying for recurrent training, Sunday is a morning autocross followed by an afternoon paintball game, Monday is fishing with my son, Tuesday is skiing with my daughter, Wednesday is work, Thursday and Friday are ground school, I have the weekend off then Monday through Wednesday are simulators.  
     Somewhere in all that I need to get my studying done AND polish the first chapter AND write a stunningly effective synopsis for the PNWA contest, the entry deadline for which is one week away.
     Synopsis writing will be the subject of another post.

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