Thursday, February 7, 2008

'Nother Progress Report

I've been hitting it pretty hard, trying to get a day or more ahead of schedule.  The stats:

Today's goal:   78.3% rewrite complete
Today's result: 84.0%

The word count has crept up.  At 70% rewrite complete it was 193,000, today at 84% the count is 193,600.  BUT, there is a fairly big scene I've almost reached that will be cut, thereby dropping the count back down.  

I'm almost decided to submit to the PNWA contest, the only real drawback is that after completing the 2nd draft I will need to further polish the first 25 pages for submission AND write a synopsis, all during the week that I need to be preparing for recurrent training for my real job.


Did anyone notice that I didn't win Nathan Bransford's first page contest?  I did, but that was expected.  I must say that I admired the 6 finalists, although there was one that I didn't particularly care for.  The one I voted for to win did so.

Several writing styles among the finalists were particularly impressive and I thought, 'Wow, I need to be able to write like that', then upon further thought I realized that I don't.  I just need to write the way I write, then get better and better at writing that way.  


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