Monday, February 11, 2008

Overboard Copies Posted via USPS

After squashing lingering doubt I decided that Overboard version 2.1 was good enough that I could show it to family & friends without my toes curling too badly.  Accordingly I created Overboard 2.1P,  which is the print version with single line spacing, Times New Roman 12 point font and page breaks for each chapter.  Thus configured the novel clocks in at 281 pages.  Four copies were printed and placed in cheap ring binding.

Today marks approximately 11 months since I started writing it and today I took three of the copies and mailed them away - I couldn't get them back now if I tried.  Perhaps I should change the name of the blog as  the project will no longer be a secret once the recipients open up their copies.

My wife, SFF, has started to read the 2.1P version.  As always I can't wait for her feedback and as for her she's been looking forward to reading it as a coherent whole.  Previously she read the rough draft in five separate chunks with months between each as I wrote them.  

My current tasks:  Prepare for recurrent training for my real job, fill research holes in the novel, polish the first chapter & write a synopsis for the PNWA contest, and wait for phone calls from people for whom a book manuscript in the mail from me will be a big surprise.


paul lamb said...

So have you had any early initial responses yet?

Allen B. Ogey said...

My sister just called - see my next post.